“New Members, Prospects, & Pledges”

Club Information before joining...

About Us:

Founded in the Spring of 1997, LOW 4 LIFE CC has come a long way. With a handful of good friends and family, we had a vision to start a lowrider club to represent and display our true feelings about the lowriding sport. With limited experience and exposure in the lowriding game, we decided as long as we stayed true, loyal, dedicated, and committed 100% to this club and this lowrider movement, we would be successful.

Thinking back to where we started and anticipating the future, I become ecstatic. Lowriding to LOW 4 LIFE members is more than just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Most members will live and die being a lowrider. We feel honored to be a part of something this great and consider it a privilege. Many people have worked long and hard to be where we are as one of the top clubs in the Midwest & Southwest, expanding across the United States.

LOW 4 LIFE CC does not get into the quantity of cars, but the quality. We believe that this sets us apart from others, but do not get it mixed up, we show but we ride, we are LOWRIDERS 4 LIFE!

Members Understanding:

Being part of this club is a PRIVILEGE, NOT a job, NOT a must, NOT a chore. You DON'T have to be here!! You must have a reason & some sort of pride. 100% EFFORT AND COMMITMENT is needed always. Think about this hard and serious!! Only the strong lasts forever and together we will last "4-LIFE"

Definition of a Car Club:

An association of people with a common interest. LOW 4 LIFE is a group of people with the same purpose, ideas, & passion for cars and lowriding.

Membership Expectations:

This club is open to anyone with a positive attitude and willing to participate 100% in “ALL” club functions (Including meetings, shows, & events). Must have a ride or plan to have one in 6 months (extension's are possible), or if person can benefit the club.

Benefits of Joining Club:

Joining a lowriding family, building friendships & unity, team brainstorming, cost cutting info, and sources for automotive needs, painters, welders, installers, etc.

We are not trying to recruit other clubs members, we are simply uniting interested so-lo riders & auto enthusiasts. Please no club jumpers and drama members, thanks!


What is our strategic purpose for operating? “The mission of Low 4 Life Car Club, a non-profit lowrider organization, is to cultivate and grow the lowrider culture and lifestyle through high character members who are focused on being involved in their local communities and committed to building the highest quality traditional lowriders to the best of our collective abilities.”


Who are we? Who will we become? “Our vision is to become a national recognized lowrider car club founded in the Midwest with the highest standards of excellence in the lowrider industry. We will strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it does not exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”


What do we stand for and believe? What standards can be used to evaluate and judge us? “Our organization’s core values are honesty, loyalty, honor, pride, passion, and respect. Our values, rules, and guidelines are the foundation...our lowriders are the bloodline. If both are the “BEST,” we can not be stopped.”

Club Motto:

One Club – One Love…“LOW-riders 4 LIFE”

We are also members of the ULA “United Lowrider Association,” ULC “United Lowrider Counsel,” and we are registered with the NLCR “National Lowrider Club Registry.”


Saginaw, Flint, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Adrian, Dallas, Ft. Worth, St. Louis, Your City Next!!

“From da Midwest to da Southwest…Nationwide Lowrider Movement”